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J. Ellis Plumbing & Heating has become a trusted name and local leading service provider for work like water heater repair in Acton, Westford, and surrounding areas. We're a premier plumber for a number of essential services, including anything related to water heater repair.

You have options for the type of water heater you get installed and that will also impact the type of repair service you end up needing. However, one thing remains the same - you have our team of experts to help get you through the job.

Taking care of repairs in a timely manner makes a massive difference. This can save you a great deal of money in major repairs or, ultimately, the need for replacement before it should be time.

Common Water Heater Problems You May Run Into

No one wants to deal with having any type of repairs, plumbing or otherwise. However, having a reliable Westford area plumbing company you know you can trust makes a huge difference.

Some common issues you can expect when it comes to water heater repair work includes tasks like:

  • Waking up to find you have no hot water is never a fun way to start the day. It can throw your entire routine off track and make things uncomfortable and inconvenient, to say the least. It's something you will have to get taken care of immediately.
  • If you notice it looks as though your tank has sprung a leak, this often means the system is beyond repair and needs replacement. However, call in a reputable expert to take a look.
  • Just as water can be too cold, it can also get too hot. There are a number of possible causes but either way you need to let an industry expert handle it. Water that's too hot can be a very real threat to you and your family and can result in serious scalding or burns.
  • Scale buildup can lead to all kinds of problems. Some are minor and require nothing more than a system flush while others are severe enough to lead to the need for water heater replacement.
  • If you notice the smell of rotten eggs, it's more than unpleasant, it's the sign that you have sediment and bacteria issues to contend with. The longer you ignore it, the worse the problem will get.

If you'd like to work with a local Acton expert for your water heater repair service needs, contact us now for a company to trust.

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