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Turn Your Hard Water Soft With Water Filtration Systems

Water hardness

J. Ellis Plumbing & Heating is here to make our Acton customers' lives easier. This includes water filtration systems that can seriously improve your hard water problem.

Dealing with poor water quality is nothing to take lightly. It can seem to impact every component of your daily life.

At the very minimum, you and your family deserve access to the cleanest water supply possible, for cooking, cleaning, and even just comfort. However, without water filtration systems in place, you're not likely to find that happening in places like Westford and surrounding areas.

Make the smart choice to partner with an experienced plumber, especially one who knows the local area water conditions, and change the quality of water you have.

Water Softener

It's unfortunate that one of the biggest issues we contend with living locally in area like Westford it means dealing with hard water. However, the positive news is that you can work with a reputable plumbing company to install a water filtration system and help reverse the effects of the problem.

Some of the problems associated with having hard water include things like:

  • A common complaint homeowners have is all those stains. It's usually what looks like rust stains and streaks on porcelain surfaces, like your toilet bowl. It looks unsightly and can be downright embarrassing. It takes a great deal of elbow grease to lessen the presence of these stains and they begin to reappear almost immediately - so frustrating.
  • Another type of unsightly problem you'll notice is soap scum. Those white spots that longer once water has evaporated, that's the result of calcium deposits. Your dishes are always looking dirty and you can never get rid of those spots entirely.
  • Hard water makes it almost impossible to wash away soap. So when you lather, you'll find the rinse just isn't as effective as it should be. This impacts your hair, skin, clothing, and more. Not to mention components like your showerhead and faucets tend to get effected by hard water deposits and you end up with weak water pressure.
  • Your water will wither smell or taste funny, but more than likely, it's both. Since this is the result of your water being contaminated by bacteria, you'll want to avoid consuming it without some level of purification. Your water may smell like rotten eggs or taste like dirt, as just a few examples. Either way, it's unpleasant and not something you should consume.

Protect yourself and your loved ones and get the clean water you should have. Call us for water filtration systems in Acton and surrounding areas, today.

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