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Never Be Without Water In Winter With Frozen Pipe Thawing

Frozen pipes

At J. Ellis Plumbing & Heating, we've been taking care of service like frozen pipe thawing for Acton and Westford area homeowners for over a decade now. We've been the dependable plumber to count on for this and other important service.

Dealing with frozen pipe thawing is serious business because it can lead to bigger problems, none of which you want for your home. A burst pipe can be nothing short of devastating, certainly not the type of thing you want to happen to your home.

Nor is it the type of event you're going to feel like going through or cleaning up from. This is why, in the event you find you have a frozen pipe, the best thing you can do is immediately contact our experts so we can help with your job, and help protect your home.

Protecting Your Home From the Damage of Frozen Pipes

If you're seeking a Westford plumbing company to take care of frozen pipe thawing, there's still a good chance you won't end up with problems like flooding or related mold. Before it even gets to the point of having a frozen pipe to begin with, there are some suggested steps you can take to try to prevent this from developing in the first place.

Some helpful tips to avoid frozen pipes include:

  • It's better to leave the thermostat set to the same temperature, day or night. While turning down the heat at night into the morning may save a small amount on your energy costs, it's insignificant compared to the trouble you can save yourself by avoiding frozen pipes. Better to keep things at the same comfortable temperature and lower the risk of having your pipes cool down enough to freeze.
  • If you have water supply lines in the garage, make it a point to keep the doors closed, as much as possible. It's not worth potentially exposing these pipes to cold air and causing one or more pipes to freeze.
  • The opposite is true of the cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom; those should be left wide open during the coldest nights. This helps warmer interior air keep the pipes from freezing up, which is common for the plumbing under your sinks that is often effected by the colder exterior air.
  • Also, during the coldest temperatures, leave your faucets dripping. Even trickling water is harder to freeze than pipes that have no water or still water in them.

We want to help you protect your home and avoid having your pipes freeze, altogether. However, in the event you need frozen pipe thawing for your Acton home, contact us for superior service.

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