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Home Plumbing Faucet Repair

Keep Your Water Flowing Free With Faucet Repair


You don't have to settle for questionable work for faucet repair for your Acton or Westford area home, even in times of emergencies. The good news is you've already come to the right place because we're the dependable plumber you can contact for superior results.

J. Ellis Plumbing & Heating has been providing service like faucet repair for local customers since 2008. Yet, our experience in the plumbing and heating industry covers 20 years now.

That's because we take this line of work seriously and that's reflected in the reputation we've managed to build and maintain. Even a task as seemingly simple as fixing a faucet can either turn out well or not, and it all depends on the professional you hire to get the job done.

Garbage Disposal Repair

Sometimes you need more than just faucet repair for your Westford home, you need a plumbing company to take care of garbage disposal repairs.

  • As careful as you may think you are, your disposal can become jammed. Don't make the mistake of attempting to fix it yourself, especially by placing anything down the drain. You can damage the disposal further, at the very least, and cause severe bodily injury, at the very worst.
  • You flick the switch and find no power. The first thing to do is check that a breaker hasn't tripped. You may also check the reset button located at the bottom of the unit. If neither of those two options resolve the issue, make it a priority to contact a plumber. The longer waste material that wasn't yet processed sits in the sink, the more likely you are to end up with bacteria and rank smelling debris.
  • You can hear the engine whirring but it seems the blades aren't moving. Discontinue use and power and call in a professional. The last thing that you need to do is attempt to figure out what the problem is. Leave this important task to trained and experienced professional and eliminate the need for risk of injury.
  • The worst part about garbage disposal leaks is just how gross and messy it can be, if it's more than just water. In most cases, a small leak can be fixed with silicone caulking or putty but it's better to let a plumber make sure that's going to be a suitable remedy. Otherwise, you could end up making things worse instead of better.

Kitchen and Bathroom Faucet Repair

We're also the premier choice to make for kitchen and bathroom faucet repair in Acton, so give us a call. You're plumbing is our priority, as is your total satisfaction with the service we provide.

We want to work with you to make sure your daily routine isn't disrupted by anything related to your plumbing. If it is, we'll repair it quickly and affordably.

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