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Unclog Your Life With Professional Drain Cleaning


Taking care of professional drain cleaning for your home in Acton, Westford, or surrounding areas is only possible if you have the right expert to work with. Smart locals know the company to trust is J. Ellis Plumbing & Heating and has been for well over a decade now.

However, our expertise working as a plumber in the field covers about two decades now. It's safe to say we've taken care of our share of drain cleaning service and know how important it is.

The average homeowner doesn't think about the importance of their drains, until they experience slow or clogged drains. This not only stands in the way of taking care of your daily routine, it can lead to more serious issues, like flooding.

Common Causes of Drain Clogs & Preventing Them

One of the most common reasons to contact a Westford area plumbing company is for drain cleaning service. One thing that can help is knowing what some of the most common causes of drain problems are because most of them are avoidable.

Some examples are:

  • It probably isn't a big surprise that hair is one of the biggest culprits. While it would be impossible to avoid having any hair make its way down your drains, you can most certainly limit the amount. The problem is magnified if you have hair combined with some other factor, such as soap or grease. Use a drain catch and if you wash your pets, use a tub inside the tub so you can dispose of the water outside, instead of down the drain.
  • Grease is the other most common cause of slow or clogged drains. It's important to prevent any grease from making its way into the drain. While it's hot it may be a liquid but is quickly solidifies as it cools. It can easily develop into a serious clog, block your drain, and lead to flooding.
  • Food waste is another problem. Even if you have a garbage disposal, use this as a backup plan. Throw as much food waste as possible into the trash and use your disposal for anything you can't catch. Also, make it a point to know what can or can't go down your garbage disposal to prevent clogs and avoid causing repair needs for your disposal.

When it comes to getting the professional drain cleaning service you need in Acton and surrounding areas, give our team a call.

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