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As a local Lexington homeowner, you deserve a heating contractor who will focus on meeting and exceeding your service needs. We take this line of work seriously and that shows in the results we're able to get and the impeccable reputation we've been able to build.

Trust the J. Ellis Plumbing & Heating team to get the job done and you'll have a reliable team to work with, for all of your heating and plumbing service needs. Taking care of your home is not a one person job; it's team work.

That means entrusting industry experts to take care of the components of your home that you can't, like your heating and plumbing. If you're a Lexington area home or business owner, you can rely on us to provide you with the service you need for the results you deserve.

Heating & Cooling With Mini Split Ductless

One of the most unique systems available for heating and cooling your Lexington home is the mini split ductless. If you're not yet familiar with this alternative to traditional heating and cooling, here are a few things you should know:

  • This is the ideal system to use if you don't have ductwork in place or would prefer not to use it. You can keep your household heated or cooled, without the need for ductwork that can get dirty and dusty.
  • If you'd like to better be able to heat or cool your home on a room by room basis, this is the way to make that possible. Traditional HVAC systems heat or cool the whole house to one temperature. Mini split ductless let you pick a temperature for each individual room.
  • It's easy to have installed and that means it won't cost you a fortune to have the work done. Plus, it doesn't cost much to maintain or operate. Simply put, this is an all-around cost-effective option for heating and cooling your household.

When you need a reliable Lexington heating contractor, make the smart call to our team of experts.

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