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J. Ellis Plumbing & Heating is the company to trust when you need service excellence. We work hard to provide the best for our Acton and Westford area customers, with service like boiler replacement.

Don't take chances and settle for working with anyone less than a truly dependable heating contractor. We go above and beyond to provide results that don't just meet your expectations, they exceed them.

We take this line of work seriously and this approach is how we've been able to earn the impeccable reputation we have for boiler replacement. We want you to feel confined about making the choice to work with us and about the work we do.

Are You in Need of a New Boiler?

One of the biggest questions Westford homeowners have, when it comes to their boilers is whether they need just repairs of if it's time for boiler replacement? Find a reputable heating company to work with and you'll never have to worry about being steered the wrong way.

Some signs you need a new boiler are things like:

  • Know the age of your current boiler. If it's more than 15 years old, it's probably smarter to opt for a new system than to keep repairing the old one. Even if it's just getting close to that age, consider the severity and cost of the repairs against just investing that into a new system.
  • If the expense of the repairs are 50% or more than the value of your system, it's not financially feasible. Go ahead and take that money and invest it into a new, more modern boiler.
  • If your system is outdated and has an efficiency rating lower than an "A," it's time to upgrade. An A rating is 90% efficiency and that will help you save money on your energy costs each month.
  • As your system gets older, it begins to take longer than it once did to heat up and get the job done. If repairs haven't helped, replace the system before it stops working completely.
  • You may also notice the cost of your fuel to operate the system continuing to rise. That means it's not working as well anymore and you need repairs, at least, but replacement at most.
  • You may find you need repairs more frequently or parts for your boiler are no longer available. Your only choice might be to replace the system.

Don't settle for anything less than the best. Call our team when you need Acton boiler replacement.

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